Oil and Gas Industry..

O&G activities are in line with the CEO’s 40 years of experience.

Company provides mechanical, electrical and instrumentation service support, equipment and materials to sustain drilling activities of oil and gas companies in Oman.

We are a supplier of products and services as well as an established international original equipment manufacturer.

We support the manufacturing of spare parts and after-sales service.

We work to sustain traditionally proven energy sources

Expertise in Oil & Gas sector

Design & management of SUR pressure-reducing terminal. Value: US$ 60 million in 2014.

Design & management of Al Khuwair accommodation for gas discharge. Value: US$ 60 million in 2014.

Design & management of 28 gas wells. Value: US$ 80 million in 2013.

Evaluation & management merchandising procurement of 50 wells head.

Value: US$ 16 million

Evaluation and management merchandising procurement of 60 Km of duplex stainless steel 8”pipe line for the high pressures gas. Value: US$ 15 million

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