Interior Design

We offer full-service architectural and design assistance through this division of the company & provide design solutions for multiple projects on an individual client basis.

Our resources include professional and reliable contractors and consultants who are on the cutting edge of design, materials, and fabrication.

We design and detail the material, colour schemes, furnishings, and furniture with customized care – adding value to customer requirements while translating concepts into reality.

We offer brilliant designs and colours with a touch of practicality and utility, which means we stand out from the crowd.

"We are trend setters and not trend followers."

Design & Furnishing

Completion of interior design in the Khasab Hotel as well as merchandising installation of windows, doors, ceilings, and Pergola in 2014. Value : OMR. 1.4 million.

Management and successful construction of wardrobe and accommodation facilities at Wudam Naval Base. Value : OMR 620,000.

Management and successful construction of the accommodation facilities for the Ministry of Defense at Seeb in 2012 .
Value : OMR. 182,000.

Successfully completed the design of 14 hotels in Oman, including furniture manufacturing. Value OMR. 420,000.

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